Posted By: Alpha (Alpha) on 'BBSPeople'
Title:     erm Hello?
Date:      Mon Aug  7 13:48:14 1995

Hello everyone...I am Alpha and I am new.

Please be my friend cos else I will cry and cry until I am sick

I live in the UK and have som friends . They are called Tom and andy and Joe 
and Shirley and Maurice. And I have some more friends too. I use this BBS cos 
I want to make friends with more ppl from around the world...cos thats 
exciting isnt it? 

I would like you to meet someone else I is called SARCASM...

Next time I will bring along my friends cynicism and irony... I hope you look 
forward to this.

Please be my friend and I hope we meet soon.

Yours forever...

          |       |        
     _    | __   __     _        <O O>    And your reason for
    ___   | |   | | | |  ___      =( v )=    living is ?????
  _/    __| .__/ _| |_|_/    _

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