Posted By: diana (--/---/.-./.../.) on 'BBSPeople'
Title:     diana's introducing
Date:      Wed Aug 23 13:47:29 1995

Hi, Everybody,

  I use this BBS a few months but I haven't written anything about myself till 
this time. I'm trying to redress my mistake.
  My real name is Eva Binusova'. I live as well as study in Ostrava (CZ for 
foreigners, Ostravska univerzita pro zdejsi). My branch is maths.
  I haven't any special hobby, I like books, TV, cats, walking...
  I like also talking in the internet but I'm diffident, that's why I don't 
start the talk as first. (But I don't like chat on BBS).
  I speak a little English, a little German and, of course, I prefer Czech 
  If You would like to write or to page me, I'd be pleased. My e-mail is It happens sometimes that I don't respond. It doesn't mean 
that I don't want to talk with You, but I'm too busy.

  I agree that there are few girls there. I hope their number will be higher 
and higher. 

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