Posted By: Ped (Ped) on 'BBSPeople'
Title:     Mr.PED je tu, utekajte ....
Date:      Thu Nov 30 18:14:08 1995

 Hello !!! (world)

  My name is Peter Helcmanovsky, and I'm called by friends Mr.PED or 
Helco. I'm 18 years old (hah, old??), student of math. class on 
highschool "Gymnazium Postova 9." from east town of Slovakia  KOSICE.
  I'm member of 7 GODS demo-group, and I'm there as a coder and managment 
(from 50%). That means, I love to programm something on computer.
  My hobbies: music (mostly some old things as 
Beatles,Nohavica,Brontosauri, but some new too ... Cranberries), nature 
walking, running (any running, yeah, i like it), and more and more.
  I don't like alcohol, stupids (mostly these exots, which are exactly so 
stupid, as I'am ... arrggghhh), and more and more ....

  Anyone still interested in my person ? just mail me ...

Uh, and, have a NICE TIME on this cute BBS.
And sorry for my 3NG|15H ... ;) (means english, if U can't see it)

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