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Title:     Introduction part 3
Date:      Tue Apr  2 22:51:49 1996

No te pic !
To je nadeleni me porad nekdo nekde dneska vyhazuje @%&&%$ (doufam,ze to 
znamena to co si myslim, jestli ne, tak mne opravte please!)
Tak abychme to dokoncili.
Ty dva posledni zanry docela sbiram .
Mam rad MANOWAR, AC/DC, IRONY, Judas Priest !Cest jejich pamatce!
        Blind Guardian, Rage, TIAMAT, nepohrdnu BROUKAMA a STOUNAMA no a 
nasly by se este nejaky oblibeny muzikanti. Pripravuju ted nejaky texty, tak 
snad budou brzo k dispozici.
 No a pokud jste stejny blazni do muziky jako ja, tak navidenou na "Ej Si"


Hello ! My soon comming English speaking friends.
I'm very sorry that my Intrduction in English is too short
but I hope you wil understand me I'm not very good speeking english
You see :-))) .

My real name is Lukas Kocian and I live in Hradec Kralove (Its a centre of 
East Bohemian region.
My friends call me "KOCIK".
I'm studying Electrotechnical faculty of WestBohemiam University.
I'v got a lot of hobbys. I have a collection of old radioreceivers
the Oldest is 62 Years old some radiotubes and Gramophone plates (oldest is 90)
I'm too an radioamateur. You can Hear me on two-metres radioamateur band as 
Lukas OK1XLK   QRV on 145.262 500 MHz or via OK0C Repeater.
I very like music, but no too modern. I like bluegrasss, clasics,rock & metal
I very like MANOWAR, AC/DC,IRON MAIDEN, Judas Priest ... R.I.P. I'v loved Judas
 RAGE,Blind Guardian, TIAMAT and some others bands.

              Have a Good-Luck  Luky"Kocik"
  I hope to meet you on this BBS.

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