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Title:     New data / nova data
Date:      Thu Apr 25 13:00:57 1996

  I have deleted my info post, because there were errors. So here 
is a new one with some bugs removed.

My real name is Pavel Cervinka, I was born. (in 1976 in The South Bohemia).
Now I study The Math-Physicall Faculty at The Charles University since 1994.
I study here the Computer science.
   Because of the studies I have to live in Prague, which is not my
favourite place for living...
  I don't want to repeat myself, so if you have an http browser, you can look
at my homepage at, but this is
in destruction just now...
my e-mail is :
my phone nr.:  (+42) 2 / 855 10 40-49 (eg. 855 10 43) + line 491 (recorder)

My hopes are:
  to find a good friends not only to chat...
  the Earth to be cleaned of the bad people, things etc.

   That's enough for now. If want to know more, send me a mail.

Lidi, kdo neumite anglicky:
  Jsem Pavel Cervinka, narodil jsem se a ziju. Studuju MatFyz od roku 1994.
Ziju na koleji 17. listopadu v Praze (nejlepsi Prazska kolej :) ). Snad jsrte 
uz z anglicke casti pochopili, jake jsou na me kontakty... Ale moje homepage
je v soucasnosti spis v destrukci nez konstrukci...
  Jeste poznamecka na konec: asi me tu moc neuvidite, protoze se nechci 
stat zavislakem...

 Jestli chcete jeste neco vedet, napiste...

                             YOURS (only)

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