Posted By: pluto (pluto) on 'BBSPeople'
Title:     Introduction
Date:      Tue Apr 30 19:21:55 1996

Hello, People
Well, at first I did not know whether to write Czech or English. I have 
decided to write English, because there are some foreigners among us ( I am 
sorry for  the eventual mistakes). I am new here, so let me introduce myself: 
My name is Filip Cermak, I live in Decin and I study University of Economics 
in Prague ( I am greeting all people from this great (?!?) school). My hobbies 
are: basketball, music (BEATLES, ZZ TOP and some things from classical music ( 
be tolerant)), good books. 
My e-mail adress is
P.S. Have you oriented in these (  ? :-)                            

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