Posted By: Pivomil (Pivomil) on 'BBSPeople'
Title:     well, that's me ;)
Date:      Fri May  3 11:59:02 1996

Hello (I would preffer to say Hullo, but that could sound as a joke)

My real name is not Pivomil as you certainly guessed. In the 
not_thoroughly_connected world the people use to say "Hi Peter" to me. Well, 
my real name is Petr Stedry (S^te^dry') and I lived, live and will live in 
the town of Ceske Budejovice. My eyes have already seen 18 winters. I am 
about 175.4999 cm tall and have brown hair and brown eyes. My hair is more 
than 40 cm long(do_pulky_zad) and my mother stopped giving me money for the 
hairdresser one year ago.

I'm interested in computers (studying in the University of South Bohemia) and 
RPG (Role Playing Games), thus you can find me on CZDungeons. I read books, 
especially fantasy and science-fiction. In these days I'm very busi with 
creating an own RPG game. As far as I can remember I played piano, flute and 
trompet (but not in that order).
Even if it doesn't look so I like walkin' in the nature or goin' by bike, 
but sitting at my PC is not so exhausting ;)

That's all folks, but if you want to learn more about me just mail or talk 
or write a letter to me(don't do this, because if you want your letter to be 
answered write your email in the letter).

         Sincerely yours
                                      Petr Stedry alias Pivomil alias maniak 
alias alias ...

P.S. writing posts is tiring and really not interactive ... I prefer real 
life talk (or unreal life talk)
P.P.S. Pivomil doesn't mean I love bear above all .. it was a name of a 
character I once played in DraciDoupe.
and to the end a Klingon good bye - 
    KAPLAH ! (but this has not the klingonish pronunciation ..sorry ;)
( don't you think the real posts are written with a "P.S." prefix ?? )
I steal no gold,                               
I drink no beer, I eat no kind of meat,                  Vas Pivomil
But people slam their door,                      /**/
Whenever they hear my feet ....                     
-------------------------------END OF TRANSMISSION-----------------------------

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