Posted By: Mariana (de Montpracem) on 'BBSpeople'
Title:     this is me
Date:      Wed Oct 30 18:15:10 1996

          Hello World!!

       What a problem to depict one's self so I'll start  by saying about 
me that I'd say that I like poetry, arts  etc.. but i'm studying chemical 
engineering at the University of the Americas in Puebla. What a contradiction 
for a sesitive soul like mine!! 

        I like to play squash and also to swim... I love the sea; beeach, 
sun... hum .... I enjoy a lot Nature but I also like my city, chaotic Mexico 
City     I've got dark ahir and bronw eyes, typical of latin people. I'm not 
tall but I'h happy with everyhting I've got, I can't change anything after 
all! :D 

   Well, if you'd like to know more, just drop a mail to my mial-box here in 
Liane... I like to meet people and learn about different ccultures.

    Have a nice day!! 

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