Posted By: smely (Roman Smely) on 'BBSpeople'
Title:     Hello my new BBS friends ...
Date:      Wed Oct 22 15:27:59 1997

Hello everybody!

    I would like to introduce myself. My real name is Roman Smely and I'm new 
on this BBS. Now I study (as a postgraduate student) Theory of the economic 
information systems on Department of Economics and Management of Forestry and 
Wood industry which is on Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology on Mendel 
University of Agriculture and Forestry Brno - Czech Republic. (terrible name) 

    I like humor and cheerful people. I'm tall 188 cm (thin), dark brown eyes, 
black hair. My hobbies are computers (programming), economy, historical 
furniture (last school year I namely finished the branch Technology of 
production and trade with furniture on the Mendel University), tenis ... 

    This is my first contact with BBS so I have no experiences. If you want to 
know more something about me or whatever other, please write me to

    You can use English, Czech and Russian language.


PS: Thank you for your understanding for my English. I'm studying ...

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