Posted By: Iguana (Iguana Mexicana) on 'BBSpeople'
Title:     Ernesto, the Iguana
Date:      Mon Feb 16 21:10:20 1998

 Hola, raza del BBS. Supongo que nadie (o casi) va a entender lo9 que pongo en 
este primer parrafo, lo escribo de todos modos nomas por no dejar, en 
espaniol. Mi nombre es Ernesto Cortes, soy de Colima, Mexico y tengo algo asi 
como cuatro anios en esto de los bbs's aunque he dejado durante algun tiempo 
por cuestiones escolares y esas ondas. Me gustan muicho las iguana, por eso 
escogi este nombre, de hecho, ando en una organizacion ecologista dedicada a 
proteger a estos bellos bichos. Mas informacion en la pagina, mas adelante 
les pongo la direccion. Ahora, va en ingles:

 Hi, BBS People!  Last paragraph was written in spanish, I wanted to do so 
because I like my birth language. My name is Ernesto Cortes and I'm a 18 year 
old guy from Mexico, more specifically, city of Colima, in the West Coast. 
Some of the bbs guys have asked me if my real name is Iguan , but it isn't. I 
choose it because I love Iguanas (I also found that some Czech don't know 
what Iguanas are. They're reptiles, let's say cocrodrile-shaped, but without 
those jaws. Friendly animals, U know?). I'm a student of Journalism at 
Universidad de Colima, I like reading and I practice athletics (5000 and 
10000 meters).  I like a lot traveling, and one of the places I'd really like 
to visit is Czech Rep. Hope I'll go there someday. I have a page about 
iguanas on the web:

 My e-mail is

 if anyone wants to write me, go ahead.  I also like receiving and sending 
postcards anywhere I go. If u want me to send you one, just tell me.

 Read ya.

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