Posted By: Gloria (Gloria) on 'BBSpeople'
Title:     Introduction to Gloria in Tucson, Arizona
Date:      Thu Jan  7 00:55:17 1999

Hello- I am new here ans my Czech is not too good, but I will
try to practice here.

Mluvim cseky, ale spatne.

Jak se mas?

Jsem studentka, ale stara (age 50) I'm the oldest one here.

I have a few questions about liane. 

Is it possible to chat here live?

I managed to get to CHAT and I think I had the chat screen there.
It told me you cannot chat in this Main room, type /j to go to
another room.

I didn't know what other rooms there were, so I did not know
what to type in.

Do you have a list of rooms or of who is in what room?

I tried to page somebody, but their pager was turned off.
I do not know if my pager is off or on (probably on, because
I haven't turn it off.)

Please feel free to write me at:

I welcome a chance to practice my Czech.

Dekuji Vam,

Gloria McMillan (Ph.D. cand. at U of AZ in English)

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