Posted By: Strup (Lukas Ruzicka) on 'BBSpeople'
Title:     Re: Introduction to Gloria in Tucson, Arizona
Date:      Thu Jan  7 09:13:43 1999

> Hello- I am new here ans my Czech is not too good, but I will
> try to practice here.
> Mluvim cseky, ale spatne.

  I speak English but not too good either

> Jak se mas?

  Mam se dobre :))

> Jsem studentka, ale stara (age 50) I'm the oldest one here.

> I have a few questions about liane. 
> Is it possible to chat here live?

Yes, it's possible to chat here live. All you have to do is select TALK from 
the main menu and then select CHAT from the talk menu. Then you have to 
choose your ChatId. You can choose the same ChatId as the login by pressing 

> I managed to get to CHAT and I think I had the chat screen there.
> It told me you cannot chat in this Main room, type /j to go to
> another room.

Yes, you cannot chat in main room. It's not allowed.

> I didn't know what other rooms there were, so I did not know
> what to type in.

If you want to know which other rooms are available then type /r and every 
unsecret room will appear on your screen. Then you can enter the wished room 
by typing /j (roomname)
unsecret room will appear on your screen. You can enter the chosen room by
typing /j (roomname) if it's not locked. If it is, you can ask for key to get 
in by sending a message to Room Operator (OP). To send a message type:
/m (ChatId) [to whom you want to send it] (message). 

> Do you have a list of rooms or of who is in what room?
Some people have their pager off.

To get a list of rooms type /r in main room.
To realize who is in a particular room, type /whoin (roomname)
You will always get a list of names :))

> I tried to page somebody, but their pager was turned off.
> I do not know if my pager is off or on (probably on, because
> I haven't turn it off.)

Your pager should be on.

> Please feel free to write me at:
> I welcome a chance to practice my Czech.
> Dekuji Vam,
> Gloria McMillan (Ph.D. cand. at U of AZ in English)

Have fun.

Bye,  Strup

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