Posted By: vik () on 'Books'
Title:     Re: Green Mile
Date:      Wed Dec  8 19:07:36 1999

> Have anyone read Greeen Mile by Stephen King. I want to buy it for my friend
> but I don't know, if it is good enough. It is true that film Blade Runner is
> made from it?

  Green Mile is IMHO one of King's good books. And no, the movie Blade Runner 
is not based on this book. By the way, the book was written at least five 
years after the movie was shot. :-)  

> What do you think is the best book of King? I suppose It but there are 
> another novells, equally good.
>                                                        Diana       

  If you see two or three previous posts, you will get the answer to this 
question. :)      

And here are King's books that I liked better than Green Mile:  It, Misery, 
The Dark Tower series, Bag of Bones, The Stand.


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