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Title:     Xmass reading
Date:      Wed Dec 12 15:06:00 1997
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With the Christmas break upon all of you you'll have a lot of time on your
hands; cuddle up and check following books (both in English):
Wilbur Smith  - Birds of Prey, a historical novel, 17th cent.; Smith has a
reputation for impeccable researching, he specilizes in Africa and those of
you with adventurers hearts(and I don't mean just for ladies) will enjoy it;;
Orifginally published in GB by McMillan, US edit. July 1997
David King  -  The Commissar Vanishes; an account of falsifying history and
art in the former USSR; a must for all those interested in the missdeeds of
communism (actually, of all dictatorial regimes). The country having had a
recent 40 years experience with such situation, very enlighteniong.
Publ. by Metropolitan/Henry

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