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Title:     PRAGUE
Date:      Wed Jan 01 16:39:15 1998
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SALVETE, Bookworms! My loved one gave me for Christmass a beautifull book:
PRAGUE IN BLACK AND GOLD  by Peter Demetz; highly recommended for all of you
who love this city!
Peter Demetz studied at the KU under prof. Patocka; in 1949 , as so many of
us, fled the communist Czechoslovakia, is presently Professor Emeritus of
German and comparative studies at the Yale University in Connecticut (we
Czechs mostly succeeded here!). He presents a rather debunked history of this
city. Published by Hill&Wang, a div. of Farrar, Strauss and Giroux, 19 Union
square w. New York 10003, 1997.  
I wish a good reading!  

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