Posted By: Sartori (Buh musi byt Japonec!) on 'CZaddresses'
Title:     Re: A to jee ta kraasnaa zeeme, zeme Ceeskaa...
Date:      Sun Sep 21 20:11:20 2003

> P.S. Vsadim se, ze jsi jedna z tech programatoru, kteri nenavideji sejlsaky
> :-)

on ma tyhle lidi vubec nekdo rad? ;-)

>     I'vE NeveR BeeN So
>    CoLoRFullY-See-ThrouGh-HeAd BefoRe
>   I'vE NeveR BeeN So
>  WondeRFullY-mE-YoU-WanT-SomE-MorE            D e  C o u r c y


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