Posted By: jerryiii (Vsude dobre, v CR nejhur) on 'CZaddresses'
Title:     Free as in free beer
Date:      Mon Nov  1 16:07:55 2004

Podle RMS free musi znamenat free jako free beer:

Utrzek toho co pise:

The idea of GNU/Linux is to be free software; "open standard", even if that is 
true, is not good enough if the software itself is non-free.

So it looks like we need to educate all GLUGs (and LUGs, if they will
listen) to recognize and teac that people should not promote non-free
software--regardless of the details.

Zkracene prelozeno - pokud je neco otevreny ale neni to zadarmo tak to neni 
free software ;)

          Jerry III

Enough said ...

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