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Title:     'goofs'...
Date:      Mon Aug 28 15:12:58 2006

vypichnu ty nejlepsi:

Continuity: In the beginning of the movie when the United pilots are walking 
toward the plane they show United 93 at its gate. The plane shown is a Boeing 
777 and not the 757-222.

Continuity: After takeoff, an exterior shot of the plane switches from a 
Boeing 757 to an Airbus A320.

Continuity: United 93 is cleared to depart from runway 4L at Newark. However, 
you can see the terminals out the right side of the aircraft, indicating that 
it is departing to the southwest, on runway 22R.

docela sila. na to, ze ma jit o unos z 11.9.... pak v tom maji dost bordel :/
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