Posted By: Koles (F~.Q~.v.v.) on 'CZbbs'
Title:     EBBS 3.1 now available (fwd)
Date:      Mon Mar 17 11:11:07 1997

To jsou nam veci :-)


Posted By: TheRock (Deacon Booze) on 'EBBS'
Title:     EBBS 3.1 now available
Date:      Sun Mar 16 03:07:02 1997

This is at least 1.5 years overdue, but I am finally ready to
consider EBBS 3.1 done. I had several unexpected hours of
free time today and addressed every legitimate bug report
I could find in my mail or posts. The result is running at
the Eagle's Nest now and compiled without a single warning 
on three operating systems so I feel pretty good about it.

EBBS 3.1 is available at:

I call it "pre" in case there are compilation difficulties
on systems that I don't have access to. It's absolutely
positively frozen at the end of this month and going to
the usual Linux software sites. So if you find any problems
let me know now or hold your peace until the next patch.

-- rock

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