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Title:     :-)
Date:      Wed Nov 11 21:27:48 1998

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(C)Travis      (C)Travis      (m)pavelc      (C)beejey      (R)Ghort
(C)Travis      (C)Travis      (C)Travis      (C)Travis      (C)Travis
(C)Travis      (R)snake       (C)Travis      (C)Travis      (C)Travis
(C)Travis      ( )ThePhone    (C)Travis      (C)Travis      (C)Travis
(C)Travis      (C)Travis      (T)ludek       (C)badl        (C)Travis
(C)Travis      (C)Travis      (C)Travis      (C)Travis      (C)Travis
(C)Travis      (C)Travis      (R)mpos7471    (C)Travis      (R)Vlada
(m)devast      (T)Kitty       (C)Travis      (C)Travis      (C)Travis
(C)Travis      (C)Kitty       (C)Travis      (C)Travis      (C)Travis
(C)Travis      (m)Jerry       (R)backbee     (C)Travis      (R)Bubrak
(C)Travis      (C)Travis      (C)Travis      (m)lenin       (C)Travis
(C)Travis      (C)Travis      (C)Travis      (C)Travis      (C)Travis
(C)Travis      (C)Travis      (C)Travis      (R)duf         (C)Travis
(R)znouza      (C)Travis      ( )Orca        (C)Travis      (C)Travis
(C)Travis      (C)Travis      (C)Travis      (M)beejey      (C)Travis
(T)Ghandi      (C)Travis      (C)Travis      (C)Travis      (C)Travis
(C)Travis      (R)guest       (C)Travis      (C)Travis      (C)Travis
(C)Travis      (R)Holandan    (C)Travis      (C)Rubic       (C)Travis
(R)Vianney     (C)Travis      (C)Travis      (C)Travis      (C)Travis
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