Posted By: Ballue (Ne nespim, jenom pracuju) on 'CZbestHumor'
Title:     Vyber Oct 10 1997
Date:      Wed Feb  3 11:06:22 1999

Posted By: Zef (Vagabundus Vulgaris) on 'CZhumor'
Title:     Hadanka

Q: Jaky je rozdil mezi znamosti na jednu noc a zachodem?
A: Zachod za vama neleze po te co ho pouzijete.


Posted By: enRICO (Brewery Hills 90211) on 'CZhumor'
Title:     Taxi

Q: Jaky je rozdil mezi taxikarem a prazskym taxikarem?
A: Jako mezi kreslem a elektrickym kreslem.


Posted By: lubosek (lubosek) on 'CZhumor'
Title:     Takova pekna uvaha

Knowledge is power, time is money and as any engineer knows
        power =  ------

If knowledge = power and time = money, then

   knowledge =  --------

Solving for money we get

       money = ----------

Thus money approaches infinity as knowledge approaches zero regardless of the 
work done. What this means, is: The less you know the more money you make!

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