Posted By: PeS (. o O (...)) on 'CZburn'
Title:     Re: mkisofs?
Date:      Wed May 17 15:23:48 2000

> joilet pokud vim omezuje delku nazvu souboru na 32 znaku.

man mkisofs:
       -J     Generate Joliet directory records  in  addition  to
              regular iso9660 file names.  This is primarily use-
              ful when the discs are to be used on Windows-NT  or
              Windows-95  machines.    The  Joliet  filenames are
              specified in Unicode and each path component can be
              up to 64 Unicode characters long.

Tak nevim, zkus se podivat do toho manu je to tam celkem slusne popsane. Sam 
tu pouzivam tez xcdroast (0.96ex) ale je pravda ze snad vzdy si to pak ctu na 
linuxu kde mam rock-ridge.


               PeS the Elven Mage

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