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Title:     Barta
Date:      Mon Apr 23 17:53:02 2001

Jo a tohle mi k tomu CDcku vyhodilo Feurio:
DEFECTIVE TOC (Copy protection?)

The TOC (Table of Contents - the directory of the CD) of the inserted CD is 
Probably the CD hasn't be burned correctly.

Another reason could be that the inserted CD has a copy protection. In the 
last time several such CDs appeared.
This copy protection works with a defective TOC.

Since this copy protection is based on a defective TOC, the CD doesn't match 
the"Red Book" standard (the standard for audio CDs), so it is NO CORRECT 
AUDIO CD! Also, this CD shouldn't have the permission to carry the "CD 
Digital Audio"-logo!
And since such protected CDs cause problems with several CD players, most 
vendors have took back the copy protection!
So take this CD to your dealer und demand a CD that matches the norms for 
audio CDs!

REMARK: We often get questions, if it wouldn't be possible to develop a 
function for Feurio!, to read such CDs in spite of the copy protection:
That wouldn't be a problem for Feurio! - but the CD-ROMs don't collaborate!
The copy protection is based on a wrong leadout-position stored in the TOC 
(in most cases 30 seconds). All CD-ROMs we tested till now compare, when 
getting a read command, the desired position with this leadout-position.
The CD-ROMs then "deny" to read sectors that lie beyond the leadout-position!
So, there's no way for Feurio! to read such CDs! For that the vendors of the 
CD-ROMs had to agree to remove the position-checking out of the firmware of 
their CD-ROMs.

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