Posted By: Johnie (Ale je tady krasne....) on 'CZburn'
Title:     Re: Paleni DVD pro BFU
Date:      Tue Jan 27 14:27:31 2004

Ze sve zkusenosti: DVD-R ty obycejny DVD-ROMky moc cist nechcou - NEC, ASUS, 
CREATIVE.  Sice se treba po mnoha pokusech zadari to precist, ale je to 

> > No tak ted sis to prave popletl ty.
> > DVD-R bylo mysleno jako 100% zpetne kompatibilni s DVD-ROM a to je taky
> > jeden z duvodu, proc neumi multisessions.
> > DVD+R prislo pozdeji a nejstarsi DVD-ROM mechaniky s tim maj problemy. 
> > 
> > Kdyz uz doporucujes studium, tak si to hlavne nejdriv precti poradne sam.
> No to si mi to tedy dal sezrat :P Dle meho nejlepsiho vedomi a svedomi jsou 
> DVD+R 100% kompatibilni. Cituji z:
> "When the DVD+RW Alliance set up the standards for the DVD+RW and DVD+R 
> formats, they included compatibility with existing DVD-Video players and 
> DVD-ROM drives as a key requirement into the specification. DVD+R/+RW is the
> only format that was build from scratch to be compatible with DVD and to act
> as a logical -compatible- addition to the popular DVD system."
> Zkus se s nami podelit o svuj zdroj informaci.
> Semik
> > Lax
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