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Title:     Kiwi
Date:      Thu May 29 22:02:50 2003


  Kiwi has winned the life.

  The old Kiwi is dead on the cross through repentance, cleansing, 
deliverance, and truth. 

  There is no God but the God of Israel. All other gods are fake, causing lots 
of deception though.

  What the Lord calls sin in Bible, is a sin. What the God calls right in 
Bible, is right. Call for understanding Bible through his Spirit, for there is 
no other truth. 

  There is no other religion which is right. There is no new age technique 
which is right. There is no way in worldly techniques, in music, carrier, 
romantic love, sport, money. Who ignores God's call, for his own damage he 
does it. 

  God's call is for sinners though, for laughters, surface people, empty, 
indeferent. Who humbles himself to bow before God and seek him with his heart, 
his cup will be truly full. 

  Can you recall of the Holy presence among us right after 17.11.'89? There is 
only one source of it - and it can come again. With more, with a healthy 
national revival. The wealth is to those who fear God and submit to him in 


  This might be my last post as Kiwi, I wish to think whether to change my 
nick or whether to stay here. I am glad though that I have thrown this post 
among you. Because the God is true and his promisses are sufficient, whether 
on a personal or a national level. And there is full recovery in all levels by 
the cross, spirit, soul, and body, and I just witness that it is true in my 

  Petra Ruth - nick Kiwi
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