Posted By: Caesar (Primitive Cool) on 'CZculture'
Title:     Re: Twin Peaks + Simpsons
Date:      Wed Apr 23 17:49:43 1997

> Taky myslim.
> Ale nechapu, jak je mozne, ze se o Sipsonovych vzdycky mluvi jako o
> kreslenem 
> serialu PRO DETI!

no, on neni pro dospele, alespon ne pro ty NORMALNI dospele. spise pro ty 
hrave uz-kratkou-dobu-dospele se smyslem pro silenosti a smyslem pro humor, 
ktery se k tem NORMALNE dospelym vubec nehodi.

Did you walk cool primitive cool?                             
A place far in the future, and faces from the past                 CAESAR
And children reading history books                            (Primitive Cool)
Their faces light and laugh                        
It all seems so primitive, how did you survive?
It all seemed so different then, how did you stay alive?

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