Posted By: Caesar (Primitive Cool) on 'CZculture'
Title:     Scully, Mulder a ......
Date:      Mon May  5 18:10:28 1997

...... (chvilka napeti) Homer Simpson! To maji byt hrdinove nove 
pripravovaneho kresleneho filmu. Bude to dokonala parodie na Akta X  
v Simpsonovskem stylu, pry jeden z nejzahadnejsich pripadu FBI. :))
 Tesite se uz na to taky tak moc, jako ja?? 

P.S. : Tento post jsem dal na CZtv i na CZculture proto, ze obsahove patri do 
obou boardu.


Did you walk cool primitive cool?                             
A place far in the future, and faces from the past                 CAESAR
And children reading history books                            (Primitive Cool)
Their faces light and laugh                        
It all seems so primitive, how did you survive?
It all seemed so different then, how did you stay alive?

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