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Title:     Zdroje stolete valky II.
Date:      Fri Oct 24 22:26:16 1997

Ahoj snezne krasky, 

je celkem prijemne probirat se po historii. Uzivam stranky,

na kterou se dostanete z kliknutim na historii. 
Casova osa (British History Timeline) vas dostane na stranky, mezi nimiz je i 
ta, co jsem otiskl minule, staci jit dopredu v historii. (klikejte uplne dole 
pro postup do historie, ackoliv mozna je to psano neviditelnym pismem, pokud 
mate spatne barvy...) Na zacina 
stoleta valka, z niz mate nekolik odkazu:

(pripominam, ze valka zacala roku 1337)
* Bitva u Crecy (1346), je tam relativne detailni vypraveni, adresa 

  K tomu jsem nasel take jinou stranku 

  Jsou na ni i pomery sil a podobne udaje. Pouhym kliknutim se dostanete k 
  dalsimu textu o teto bitve na 

  Jsou zde i dalsi bitvy, Potiiers 1356 apod. Je to cast internetovych 
  stredovekych zdroju na 

* Orleans (1420),
  Je tu dopis Jany z Arku anglickemu krali Henrymu

  O Jane z Arku se lze docist i na 

Jednu ze stranek s pocty vojaku sem pretisknu:

The Hundred Years War
In 1337, based on the strength of his claim to the French throne as a direct 
descendant of
Philip IV through his mother, Isabella of France, Edward III of England 
refused to do more
than simple (non-liege) homage for Guyenne to the French King Philip VI. 
The resulting war that started shortly afterward between France and England 
continued, with
periodic truces, until 1453. 

                         The Battle of Cricy, fought on Saturday, August 26,
                         1346 was the first of several significant battles
                         during which the longbow triumphed over
                         crossbowmen and armoured knights. (Other battles
                         were Poitiers, in 1356 and Agincourt, in 1415.) 

Some highlights - referenced from the works of Jean Froissant and The Longbow 
by Robert

     French forces numbered approximately 36,000. 
     English forces numbered approximately 12,000 of which 7,000 were 
     The battle line was approximately 2,000 yards wide 
     The English army, occupying the top of a gentle ridge near the town, 
consisted of
     three groups of men-at-arms and spearmen, with archers placed on their 
sides. The
     archers formed ranks resembling an outward V. 
     Each English archer carried 2 sheaves of arrows (48) into battle. 
Resupply was
     accomplished by going back thru the lines or having more brought 
     The bow draw weights were normally from 80 to 120 lbs. 
     Arrows, depending on type and weight, could be shot 250 to 300 yards. 
     The English archers could shoot an average of 10 arrows per minute. 
     The total number of arrows shot during the battle is estimated at a half 
     There were 14 to 16 charges made against the English lines from the 
start of the
     battle at 4:00 PM until the completion at midnight. 
     Casulties were estimated from 5,000 (low) to 10,000 or more (high) for 
the French
     Knights and Genoese crossbowmen. English casulties were several hundred.

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