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Title:     Slechta - neco o poradi (precedency) v Britanii
Date:      Wed Feb  4 20:37:42 1998


kdyz uz jsem spachal takove grafomanstvi jako pred chvilkou, tak si jeste

TABLE OF PRECEDENCY AMONG MEN (cili "poradi" ci "prednost", Velka Britanie)

The King
The Prince of Wales
Sons of the King
Brothers of the King
Uncles of the King
King's Brothers' or Sisters' Grandsons
The Archbishop of Canterbury, Lord Primate of all England
The Lord High Chancellor, or Lord Keeper
The Archbishop of York, Primate of Englad
The Lord High Treasurer
The Lord President of the Privy Council
The Lord Privy Seal
The Lord High Constable
The Earl Marshall
The Lord High Admiral
The Lord Steward of His Majesty's Household
The Lord Chamberalin of His Majesty's Household
DUKES, according to their Patents of Creation 
  ---poznamka: nejenom ze se rozlisuje stari udeleni slechtickeho titulu, ale
               tez misto udeleni, tedy co do prednosti je nejprvnejsi ten,
               jehoz titul byl udelen v Anglii, Walesu, Skotsku, Velke
               Britanii, Spojenem Kralovstvi
               ---> toto plati obecne pro jakykoli slechticky titul
MARQUISES, according to their Patents
Dukes' eldest Sons
EARLS, according to their Patents
Marquises' eldest Sons
Dukes' younger Sons
VISCOUNTS, according to their Patents
Earls' eldest Sons
Marquises' younger Sons
Bishops of London, Durbam, and Winchester
All other Bishops, according to their Seniority of Consecration
BARONS, according to their Patents
Speaker of the House of Commons
Viscounts' eldest Sons
Earls' younger Sons
Barons' eldest Sons
Knights of the Most Noble Order of the Garter
  ---poznamka: nezamenovat za slechticky titul "Knight", toto jsou nositele
               Podvazkoveho radu s titulem "Rytir" [Knight]
Privy Counsellors
Chancellor of the Exchequer
Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster
Lord Chief Justice of the King's Bench
Master of the Rolls
Lord Chief Justice of the Common Pleas
Lord Chief Baron of the Exchequer
Judges and Barons of the degree of the Coif of the Said Courts, according to
Bannerets, made under the King's own Royal Standard displayed in army royal
 in open War, by the King himself in person, for the term of their lives only
Viscounts' younger Sons
Barons' younger Sons
BARONETS of England, Scotland, and Ireland
Bannerets not made by the King in person
Knights Grand Crosses of the Bath
Knights Grand Crosses of St. Michael and St. George
Knights Commanders of the Bath
Knights commanders of St. Michael and St. George
Knights Bachelors
Companions of the Bath
Cavalieri and Companions of St. Michael and St. George
Masters in Chancery
Doctors, Deans, &c.
Serjeants at Law
Eldest Sons of the younger Sons of Peers
Baronets' eldes Sons
Eldest Sons of Knight of the Garter
Bannerets' eldest Sons
Eldest Sons of Knights of the Bath
Knights' eldest Sons
Younger Sons of the younger Sons of Peers
Baronets' younger Sons
Esquires of the Sofereign's Body
Gentlemen of the Privy Chamber
Esquires of the Knights of the Bath
Esquires by Creation
Esquires by Office
Younger Sons of Knights of the Garter
Younger sons of Bannerets
Younger Sons of Knights of the Bath
Younger Sons of Knights Bachelors
Gentlemen entitled to bear Arms
Clergymen, Barristers at Law, Officers in the Navy and Army, who are all
 Gentlemen by profession
Burgesses, &c.

To by mohlo prozatim stacit. Mejte se hezky.

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