Posted By: DavidNavara (moje Query! muj Plan!) on 'CZinternet'
Title:     Re: Velikost ceskeho internetu
Date:      Wed Apr 16 21:12:12 2003

> musim te zklamat Davide, ale ja ho nasel, a za darmo:
> klak

  tak to je husty!!...

  The Internet Archive Wayback Machine contains over 100 terabytes of data and 
is currently growing at a rate of 12 terabytes per month. 

  The Internet Archive is stored on dozens of slightly modified Hewlett 
Packard servers. The computers run on the FreeBSD operating system. Each 
computer has 512Mb of memory and can hold just over 300 gigabytes of data on 
IDE disks. 

  ... Cechu jsou na internetu 3,1 mil z 633 mil, to odpovida _400GB_

  Diky! :-)  D.

                David Navara (kdysi Sky) - 

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