Posted By: Suzanne (Valassky bal zas bude...) on 'CZling'
Title:     Basnicka
Date:      Fri Jan 29 11:26:04 1999

Nazdarek ligvisti!

Zkuste volne prelozit nasledujici basnicku, pomuzete tak dobre veci. Vic 
informaci najdete na

                                   THE WARRIOR
                              Gazing in the mirror,
                              I see a warrior4s face.
                              Full clothed in armor,
                            No fear and no disgrace.
                              A tear it never offers,
                             A smile it always gives,
                            No sadness does it show,
                             But what a life it lives.
                               Needles going in
                             As blood is taken out,
                             But still no sign of pain,
                           No cries to make you doubt.
                          Each day you see this person,
                          And think that they4re so brave,
                          Each day you see us laughing, 
                            The tears are ours to save.
                           So when you see our armor,
                          And think we4re calm and mild,
                            Remember this one thing, 
                              The warrior is a child
                                 Terra, 14 let 

          The world can't give you, what it hasn't received from you.


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