Posted By: jerryiii (Vsude dobre, v CR nejhur) on 'CZling'
Title:     Re: vtipy
Date:      Wed Dec 18 17:22:52 2002

> To ze cesi maji hromadu vtipu na Somalce chapu, ale proc Americani furt 
> vtipkuji o Polacich?

Because they're so darn stupid ;)

>     I'vE NeveR BeeN So
>    CoLoRFullY-See-ThrouGh-HeAd BefoRe
>   I'vE NeveR BeeN So
>  WondeRFullY-mE-YoU-WanT-SomE-MorE            D e  C o u r c y

          Jerry III

Enough said ...

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