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Title:     Re: Torpeda s IFF
Date:      Mon Jun  1 15:43:24 1998

> Nazdar !
> Chtel bych se zeptat, jestli nekdo nevite neco o torpedech s IFF (Identify 
> Friend-Or-Foe).

General Characteristics MK60 CAPTOR

Primary Function: Destroy enemy shipping.
Additional Background: The CAPTOR is the Navy's primary anti submarine weapon. 
This deep water mine is designed to be
laid by aircraft or submarine, and is anchored to the ocean floor. Its 
acoustic detection system is designed to seek hostile
submarines, ignoring surface craft and friendly submarine acoustic 
signatures. Upon detection of a hostile submarine, the
CAPTOR launches a MK46 Mod 4 torpedo.
Type: Aircraft, ship or submarine laid magnetically moored mine.
Detection System: Reliable acoustic path (RAP) sound propagation.
Aircraft / Ship laid: 21 inches x 145 inches (53 centimeters x 368 
Submarine laid: 21 inches x 132 inches (53 centimeters x 335 centimeters) 
Depth Range: Up to 3000 feet (914 meters)
Weight: : Air / Ship laid: 2370 pounds (1077 kilograms); Submarine laid: 2056 
pounds (935 kilograms)
Explosives: 96 pounds (44 kilograms) of PBXN-103 high explosive MK46 torpedo.
Date Deployed: 1979  

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