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Title:     Re: Zajimavosti z knihy.
Date:      Thu Jul 20 17:27:26 2000

> Jen skoda, ze slo o Filipiny :-((((
> Ze by to, co myslis byla Musasi ?

Ne, vim na 100%, ze Yamato byla ztracena pri "utoku" na Okinawu. Cituji
z (mimochodem, tuto adresu 
doporucuji vsem milovnikum valecnych lodi):


When the Allied landing on Okinawa touched off desperate counter attacks by 
the Japanese air forces in early April, 1945, the Yamato was suddenly 
assigned a very unusual
and grim mission code-named Ten-Go.
Since the air forces were throwing everything they had, even employing 
suicidal attack methods in the Okinawa theater, the surface force was to use 
it's strength regardless of
the outcome. 
The Yamato was filled to half capacity with almost  all the fuel oil 
available to the Japanese and sortied on the afternoon of April 6, 1945. She 
was escorted by the light cruiser
Yahagi and the destroyers Isokaze, Hamakaze, Asashimo, Kasumi, Hatsushimo, 
Fuyuzuki, Suzutsuki and Yukikaze. 
After dropping off training cadets and sick personnel, the force left 
Tokuyama at 1600 hours heading for Okinawa. At 0400 hours next morning they 
emerged into the North
Pacific southeast of Kyushu. At 0900 hours the Asashimo reported that she had 
developed engine trouble and dropped astern. The force composed itself into a 
circle with the
Yamato in the center. 
The Ten-Go force turned southwest at 1115 hours and 15 minutes later a U.S. 
floatplane was spotted. The Japanese floatplanes were then flown off back to 
Kyushu. Soon
reports were received of up to 250 aircraft heading for the force and at 1220 
hours the Yamato signaled that she had detected many aircraft 33,000 yards 
off her port bow, just
before a rain squall blotted them out.
As the rain squall cleared the last battle began. At 1252 all the ships 
opened fire and even the Yamato's 18 inch guns joined in firing special 
"shotgun" shells at the attacking
aircraft. The ships were only 175 miles from Kyushu and there was now no hope 
of reaching Okinawa.
The light cruiser Yahagi was the first ship pounced on as she tried to lure 
as many planes as possible away from the Yamato. he was hit repeatedly by 
torpedoes and bombs and
sank very shortly. The destroyers also were battered incessantly. 
The Hamakaze was sunk first then the Isokaze next. The rest were battered 
badly but five of them made it back to Sasebo carrying the wounded.  
The Yamato was hit by bombs starting at 1240 hours and then 10 minutes later 
she was hit on her port side by torpedoes. She then received 8 more torpedoes 
on her port side
and two on her starboard side which served to right the ship slightly. By 
1405 she could no longer maneuver and quickly lost headway. At 1417 a final 
torpedo hit her in the
bottom as she was listing to 20 degrees and she finally rolled over. 
Her No.1 magazine then exploded at 1435 sending a huge cloud of smoke not 
unlike an atomic mushroom cloud thousands of feet in the air (it was said the 
cloud could be seen
from Japan.). Her crew losses were astronomical as well over three quarters 
of her crew died. 
She received no less then 12 torpedo hits and almost 10 bomb hits. 


Ze stejneho zdroje jsem se pak dovedel, ze prave Musasi byla potopena 
23.10.1944 SV od ostrova Palawan pri pokusu napadnout Americany v zalivu 

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