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Date:      Sat Mar  6 05:54:32 1999

Ja chci CZMudFlames! :)


For a nice anecdote about the origin of the name, I quote Richard
Bartle, co-author of the first MUD:
    [...] I am WELL aware what "MUD" stands for, and maybe once
    every 2 months have to tell someone. The "D" does stand for
    "Dungeon", but not because the original MUD (which I co-wrote)
    had a dungeon in it; rather it was because there was a hacked-up
    version of Zork doing the rounds at the time, which bore the name
    "Dungeon". We thought that this program would act as the
    archetype for single-player adventure games, so we called our game
    "Multi-User Dungeon" in an effort to convey some feeling of what
    the program did. As it happened, the genre was promptly called
    "Adventure games" after the Colossal Caves game "Adventure", so
    we were wrong in that respect. By then, though, we had our acronym.

Upozornuju, ze MUD (aka MUD1 nowadays), byl napsan v prvni verzi roku 1978,
a jeste pro puristy, ze ten "Dungeon" byl ve skutecnosti "Dungen."

Jinak ja osobne pouzivam zkratku MUD pro Multi-user dungeon (surprise 
surprise), ale taky jsem videl Dimension, Dialog a samozrejme u ashne mauve 
ugly ducks ;-). Ostatni typy nehraju, takze mam zafixovano jen pod MOO MU*, 
Object Oriented a MUSH Multi-user Shared Hallucination; MUCK nemam poneti (i
kdyz jsem jednou videl Multi-user Character Kit) a MUX taktez.


  I  was  playing  in an LPMUD, when this guy appeared out of nowhere and
started  slagging  it  off.  "You  can't  possibly  build  here, it's not
object-oriented"  was  his  battle cry, and he drove everyone nuts. "Come
and play my MOO," he extolled us, and gave us the address.
  Jeez,  but  I  hate  evangelists.  I  particularly hate evangelists for
object-oriented  programming,  since  they  seem  to  think  that  merely
stating  a  concept in a counter-intuitive way means it must be the Right
Thing  To  Do.  Naturally,  I  appeared at the MOO later that day, in the
guise of a MOO newbie.
  As  luck  would have it, I was immediately approached by another player
whose arrogant demeanour I recognised as none other than that of the pest
who'd  been  so  obnoxious in the LPMUD earlier. Gleefully, I put my plan
into action.
  "I don't like the tone of the room descriptions here," I announced. The
other guy tried to find out why, but I continued. "I don't want anyone to
use  movement commands." This confused him some more, so I kept at it: "I
must  protest at the way you let people from Pennsylvania play here, it's
a disgrace."
  After  a  few more of these one-sided remarks, the guy finally cracked.
"Why are you making all these crazy complaints?" he asked, exasperated.
  "This is an object-oriented MUD, isn't it?"
  "Well I'm objecting."
  OK,  it  didn't  stop  him from bothering us again, but it made me feel

I ja se citim lip.. ;-)

Vite jak vypada spravny nabor na mud? Reknete jeho klady A zapory. Strucne,
komplexne. Neco jako Jakub psal o 3k.
Rozhodne bych v zivote nesel na mud, o kterem 5 lidi z tech X desitek, co ctou
tento board pri kazde prilezitosti jen tvrdi "je nejlepsi!".

Re: Nejde LiT
MUME je nejlepsi!

Re: Jaky jsou mudy v cestine?
MUME je nejlepsi!

Re: Jaka je adresa mudconnectoru?
MUME je nejlepsi!

Re: Mume je pekne hnusny!
Jasne ze je, kdyt o nem nevime nic, krome toho ze "je nejlepsi."


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