Posted By: Quasimodo (Quasimodo) on 'CZmuds'
Title:     Re: Info, gimme! ;)
Date:      Mon Apr  8 16:56:59 2002

> Btw. docela me prepadla chut experimentovat.. nenarazili jste nekdo v 
> posledni dobe na slibny _zacinajici_ LPcko ? (ne ale v Cechach probuh, 
> idealne v USA, Svedsku nebo Francii).

Myslis, ze v Cechach nemuze vzniknout slusnej MUD? Ty jsi ale vlastenec :-)
Co se ale tyce doporucovani mudu - hledal bych na - kdyz 
neco doporucuje tisic lidi a hraje to ve spickach kolem 500 najednou - to 
nemusi byt vubec spatny ukazatel kvality. 

Pokud chces fakt experimentovat, tak bych zkusil Scry MUD, coz neni sice LP, 
ale jejich vlastni baze - precti si jejich stranku - 
imho to vypada hodne zajimave. (Nehral jsem to, jen prohlizim kod skoro vseho, 
co mi prijde pod ruku a tohle nevypadalo vubec spatne.) Zkopiruju sem jejich 
features list (neco jsou banality, neco zni dobre): 

 ScryMUD offers a number of features. I don't know how many are unique across 
all muds...probably very few. However, I know my code is original, so it is 
likely that the details of each feature, at least, are unique. 

 Completely original world and code. We have 3000+ rooms, 400+ mobs and 400+ 

 Integrated Java Client (applet/application) which offers a nice interface to 
the game and to the Online Building tools.

 Can Brew potions. This requires the brew skill, a cauldron, and the 
necessary ingredients.

 Can Scribe Scrolls. Requires a scroll, pen, and knowledge of the spell.

 Spells become less powerful when there are many scrolls/potions that can 
cast them in the game. This balances the above features.

 Skills and Spells are learned in a tree-like manner. You must learn the 
pre-requesites to at least 50% before you can move on to the skills/spells it 
enables. So, you can customize the character to your liking and are limited 
only by the number of practices you have.

 Game-navigated vehicles (though not widely used in the game yet.)

 Complex NPC scripting so that the builders can make quests and other 
interesting things.

 Mobs have some personality traits, which can influence their behavior in 
battle and afterwards. Some will track you down and kill you (and then return 
to their starting point. Others may heal you if you are badly hurt.

 Bulletin boards for in-game communication, as well as gossip, yell, and 
other channels.

 Player controlled shops (you get the goods, set the prices, and collect the 

 Banks to keep your cash safe for you.

 ANSI colors (configurable) if you like that kind of thing!

 Soon to be multi-lingual.

 ScryMUD has been in development for about 5 years, and if all goes according 
to plan, we'll be here for another 50!
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