Posted By: pelda (pelda) on 'CZmusic'
Title:     Re: Kombo+efekty (emulator?)
Date:      Tue Oct 23 19:11:32 2001

Nekde jsem zavadil o tohle, bohuzel to neni zrovna freeware:
DSP7FX is a real-time audio effects unit that has been getting some      
positive reviews. Electronic Musician rated its effect quality higher    
than the Lexicon PCM90, Lexicon PCM80, and Eventide 4000. Effects        
include : Multi-Tap Delay, EQ, Flanger, Stereo Pitch Shifter, Reverb,    
Multi-Element Chorus, Tremolo, and Auto-Panner.  (Retail $599)          
Snad je to to co mas na mysli.

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