Posted By: Petricek (Follow me on my way) on 'CZmusic'
Title:     ... For Victory
Date:      Tue May 28 12:59:43 1996

   A ted zase neco k death metalu.
  Bolt Thrower je jedna skupina z anglie, ktera je znama svymi pisnemi o 
valce a nasili na svete. Pokud z vas nekdo slusel The IVth Crusade, pak 
si poslechnete album s nazvem ... For Victory.
Kdyz vam sem napisu, ze na basovou kytaru hraje jedna zena Jo Bench, pak 
si poslechnete, jak to perfektne zvladla. Clovek by to do ni nerekl. :)
  Hlavne pisen .. For Victory je super.  Ale ty ostatni jsou taky skvely:

   When Glory Beckons
   ... For Victory
   Graven Image
   Lest We Forget
   Silent Permise
   Forever Fallen
   Tank (Mk.1)
   Armageddon Bound

  Kdyz se nekomu z vas libi dunivy metal zalozeny na basove kytare, pak 
je to neco pro vas. Opravdu, mne se to libi a je to super narez. A to se 
mi vic libi doom metal, hmm. :)

  Trying to discover what is right
  And what is wrong
  Judgeed by false criteria
  Ideals strong
  Misfortune predictable
  Lessons learnt before
  Decisions now justified
  Perpetuate this war

  As fire fills the sky
  We once believed in life
  Now time to die
  ... For Victory

  "We will remember them."

  (ukazka z textu tohoto alba)

                                - Petricek - 
    I don't know about a century of life, when the love of generations die.
             All I want is the same, a true belief and true love.

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