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Title:     Norska ekologie
Date:      Wed Oct 25 11:01:14 1995

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Je tam jedina volba, stav norkske prirody.
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The state of certain environmental indicators can be used to bring scientific 
findings from the field and lab
to the general public and decision-makers. An environmental indicator is 
meant to indicate the state or
development of important aspects of the natural environment, what causes 
these changes, and how society
responds to them.

State of the Environment Norway will be regurlarly updated with new 
indicators and updated
information. Both a version on diskette for users without Internet and a 
version in Norwegian is planned. 

  [Climate_change | Acid_rain | The_ozone layer | Landscape_changes | 
Contamination ]
             [Biodiversity_changes | Eutrophication | Health effects | Links]

    This report is produced by GRID Arendal on behalf of UNEP and The 
                               Ministry of Environment.
... je tam plno voleb. 

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