Posted By: lubosek (I. P. Freely !) on 'CZquotes'
Title:     Z predavani Oscaru
Date:      Wed Mar 25 20:53:01 1998

S Jamesem Cameronem jsem natocil tri filmy, Terminator, Terminator 2 a 
pravdive Lzi. To vsak bylo v jeste v obdobi jeho nezavislych filmu.

                                          Arnold Schwarzenegger

  Happy (This is a lie!) Lubosek
I've been told/You're to have/Not to hold/To look but not to see/To kiss but 
never be/The object of your desire/I'm walking on a wire/And there's no one at 
all/To break my fall.
                                  Madonna  -  To Have And Not To Hold

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