Posted By: Travis (Stale Te miluji :'-( ) on 'CZquotes'
Title:     Zivot ?!
Date:      Tue Apr 21 18:51:57 1998

     "Nemyslim si, ze by se mel kluk stydet za to, ze breci..."

                        -- kluk z reklamy, ktera se mi libi a 
                           ktera vyjadruje i muj nazor..

P.S. Nebrecte casto..
P.P.S. Pokud si myslite, ze je to potreba, tak se za to nestydte...

                                                (stale zamilovany)

We skipped the light fandango          The room was humming harder
Turned cartwheels cross the floor      As the ceiling flew away
I was feeling kind of seasick          When we called outfor another drink
The crowd called out for more          But the waiter brought a tray

                    Turned a whiter shade of pale

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