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Title:     DnD Evil ?
Date:      Sun May  4 19:08:56 1997

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                     A Biblical View of Dungeons & Dragons

   Scott Jones

     * Introduction
          + Scripture Reading: I Thessalonians 5:21-23 "Test everything.
            Hold on to the good. Avoid every kind of evil. May God
            himself, the God of peace, sanctify you through and through.
            May your whole spirit, soul and body be kept blameless at the
            coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. The one who calls you is
            faithful and he will do it."
          + It has been estimated that over 3 million Americans play a
            game called Dungeons and Dragons. On Saturday mornings there
            are cartoons which your children can watch that are based on
            this and other Fantasy Role Playing games ("F.R.P."). The
            games can be played almost anywhereby anyone. With the
            increase in popularity of this and other F.R.P. games in the
            last two years, and with the increased availability of the
            material to play the game it is essential that Christians
            know just what the game is all about in order to "Avoid every
            kind of evil" asthe Bible instructs us to do.
          + The information for this topic was taken from a book called
            Playing With Fire, written by John Weldon and James
            Bjornstad. These two men have presented a very clear and
            verifiable study that objectively looks at F.R.P. from the
            Bible's view.
     * History and Background.
          + F.R.P. games of which, D & D was the first, got their start
            as a spin off of strategy simulation war games.
          + Gary Gygax founded a society called the "Castle and Crusade
            Society" as a special interest group of the International
            Federation of Wargaming.
          + Gary Gygax took some ideas from a man by the name of Dave
            Arneson and developed the first D & D game called "Greyhawk."
          + Originally the game was introduced to college campuses around
            the country. However, now 46% of the games and materials sold
            are bought by the 10 to 14 year old age group and an
            additional 26% of all games are bought by 15 to 17 year olds.
          + The game initially received a lot of attention due to the
            disappearance and subsequent suicide (which occurred about a
            year later) of an undergraduate by the name of James Dallas
            Egbert III, who was an avid D & D player. An investigation
            into his disappearance and suicide did not produce conclusive
            evidence of a connection to D & D.
          + How the game is played.
               o Although there are game boards available along with
                 other game materials, the game is mostly played in the
                 mind. This is one of the reasons that the game attracts
                 so many people of above average intelligence.
               o There are no rules only guidelines.
               o There is no time limitation, thus one game could last
               o There appear to be no absolutes or boundaries.
               o Three or more players and a Dungeon Master are needed to
                 play the game. (REFER TO P#31)
          + Principles:
               o These are role playing games, which means that the
                 player must assume the part of the charactor to the
                 point that he must think how the character would
                 accomplish any given task.
               o The roles that can be played, are not desirable
                 according to Biblical standards.
               o In the past, role playing games had a historical
                 setting, but today in F.R.P. games the setting is
                 fantasy and mythology.
               o Today there is not only violence and a quest for power
                 found in war games, but add to that immorality,
                 idolatry, and occultism found in games such as D & D,
                 one has to wonder just what kind of effect these games
                 might have on one's own philosophy and morals!
               o Unfortunately, most players participate without ever
                 considering the world view in which the are playing, and
                 the Christian players who particpate may not consider
                 just how far the game's ideology is so in conflict with
                 the principles of the Bible.
     * The world view or philosophy contrasted with the Word of God.
          + Each F.R.P. game has it's own universe (i.e., world view or
            philosophy fashioned by words or concepts that work together
            to provide a more or less coherent frame of reference for all
            thought and action.
          + In order for a player to be able to play one of these games
            he has to comprehend the universe of the game and thus the
            game's outlook on life.
          + The comparison :
               o The subject of God.
                    # F.R.P. games in general support polytheism.
                    # In these games one is supposed to have a patron god
                      and is expected to have contact with him (or her).
                    # The Bible clearly states that there is only one
                      true God and that we are to Worship Him only. (Ex.
                    # The Scriptures state that there are many things
                      called god but there is by nature only one True
                      God, the God of the Bible. (I Cor. 8:4f)
               o The subject of creation:
                    # F.R.P.s in general suggest a non-theistic
                      universe(s), that is, without an infinite creator
                    # The Bible maintains a theistic universe, one that
                      begins with the personal, infinite God who "created
                      the heavens and the earth" out of nothing. (Gen.
               o The subject of man:
                    # Most F.R.P. games say that man can better himself
                      and progress through various levels by means of
                      cooperation skill and luck.
                    # In some games it is possible to attain the level of
                      a divinity or deity.
                    # The Bible states that man has disobeyed God, thus
                      alienating himself from God. (Rom. 3:23) Payment
                      for sin or atonement is needed, but sinful man is
                      incapable of producing or providing this. God loves
                      us so much that he took the initiative in history
                      by sending his Son, Jesus Christ, the second person
                      of the Godhead to pay the penalty for sin by His
                      deaths on the cross.
                    # According to the Bible, Jesus Christ alone is the
                      only way to life and to God. (John 14:6; Acts 4:12;
                      John 3:36)
          + The subject of resurrection.
               o F.R.P. games address immortality in two areas;
                 resurrection and reincarnation:
                    # Resurrection meaning resuscitation or revival of a
                      person after death by means of magic or by
                      petioning one's patron god.
                    # Reincarnation is the belief of bringing back a dead
                      in the form of a new incarnation (or in a new
               o The Bible clearly states one conclusion for man after
                 death: a resurrection to Heaven for the believer, or
                 resurrection to Hell for the unbeliever, depending on
                 your relationship with Christ, whether you've accepted
                 Him as your personal Saviour. (Rom. 8:23-24)
          + The subject of morality :
               o F.R.P. games see an an amoral world at best. Good and
                 evil seem to be presented as equal and opposite sides.
               o Such activities as rape, stealing, murder, mutilation
                 and human sacrifices are incorporated into the adventure
                 of the Games.
               o The Bible maintains a moral universe, based on the
                 integrity of God. Thus there is an absolute standard by
                 which all moral judgments can be measured.
               o God has revealed this standard to us in the various laws
                 and principles expressed in Word, the Bible. These laws
                 and principles are given for our instruction that we
                 might know what is right and what ought to be done in a
                 given situation.
     * Principles:
          + The theology found in F.R.P. games is an outright denial of
            much (if not all) of Biblical theology.
          + The theology found in these games is not true and there is a
            false understanding of the supernatural and the gods and
            demons one calls upon and imagines may not at all times be
            purely imaginative and nonexistent after all.

     Assessing F.R.P. games.
     * To categorically declare that all F.R.P. games are "evil" and of
       the Devil would be simplistic and erroneous, just as it would be
       an error to accept them all unquestionably as "good" and
       "harmless." In order to make an intelligent assessment of these
       games we must critically examine at least four basic areas. First,
       the role of fantasy; secondly, morality; thirdly, escapism and
       lastly, occultism.
          + Fantasy:
               o Neither fantasy or fantasy role-playing is wrong in and
                 of itself. When carried out with in the context of the
                 Christian world view, it can serve as a useful and
                 creative activity.
               o We are creatures made in the image of an imaginative God
                 and we should consider it a privilege to possess and
                 exercise this gift of imagination. However, we must also
                 recognise our obligation before God to use this gift in
                 a wholesome way and to guard against any misuse, (I Cor.
               o If Christ taught that looking at a woman with lust was
                 committing adultery in the heart, would it not follow
                 that if you lust after power given by false gods that
                 you are in fact committing idolatry in the eyes of God?
          + The morality of the games.
               o In D & D and games of its kind there are no moral
                 absolutes, nor are there any moral conclusions. Good
                 does not have to triumph over evil in the end.
               o The good morals that might be brought in to the game
                 have no effect on how the charactor is played. If your
                 charactor is an evil (alignment) thief then that is how
                 he must be played.
               o Where there is power and violence there is often sexual
                 immorality. For example, in D & D "non-human soldiers"
                 are expected to "rape freely at every chance."
               o Remember, in these games, not only does the player
                 become the charactor, but in some games the charactor
                 becomes a model for all to emulate.
               o The bible is the final authority on right and wrong, and
                 if God declares in the Bible that prostitution, rape,
                 stealing, mutilation, murder, human sacrifice,
                 worshiping other gods, casting spells, using magic, and
                 practicing necromancy are wrong, then should one pretend
                 those things or become involved in a fantasy game in
                 which one participates by imaginative role playing? NO!

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