Posted By: Jusoft (myrealnameisjusoft) on 'CZspeccy'
Title:     X128 v.91
Date:      Tue Nov  3 13:50:27 1998

Taky je novy X128 !
Jeste jsem ho nezkousel, ale jdu si ho stahnout:

Fixes in v0.91: [27/10/98] 

       Loading TAP/TZX/VOC files with 'Edge Loading = OFF' would result in a 
       DOS/4GW crash. 

New features in v0.9: [26/10/98] 

       ACB/ABC stereo via OPL3 or SB Pro. 
       TRD writing. 
       Edge loading. 
       320x240 X-mode. 
       INI file. 
       DISCiPLE/+D emulation via MGT files.  

                                  . .. . . .. .. bYE,  JUSOFT ... .. . .  

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