Posted By: jefff (Jeffrey) on 'CZtableGames'
Title:     Re: Mtg pravidla
Date:      Fri Jun 30 11:08:24 2000

> Souper ma na stole lendu oenchantovanou Fertile Groundem (Whenever enchanted
> land is tapped for mana, it produces an additional one mana of any color). 
> Ja vylozim na stul kontaminaci (vsechny zeme davaji cernou manu).
> Jakou manu ted dava ta lenda s fertile groundem?
> Martas 

Tak ta dodatecna mana ma byt neprebarvena podle tohodle:

Wild Growth and other external effects that generate more mana still generate 
their additional mana as directed without being affected by this card. 
[DeLaney 98/10/05] Effects which generate more mana based on what mana the 

Je to z

Jeffrey (jefff)

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