Posted By: Dragon (   ...accouting...) on 'CZtips'
Title:     Ovladani chatu
Date:      Fri Nov 29 14:42:05 1996

/a <text>          Action: display <text> as an action (also /me)
/c                 Clear: reset screen to initial state
/e <text>          Exit: leave chat (also CTRL-C)
/f [+,-][ls]       Flags: set or unset room flags (Op only)
/h                 Help: get this help message
/i <nick>          Invite: give <nick> a key to the room (Op only)
/ignore <userid>   Ignore: squelch all messages from <userid>
/j <room>          Join: join a new or existing room
/k <nick>          Kick: boot <nick> back to main room (Op only)
/l <range>         Long list: more detailed user list than /u
/m <nick> <text>   Message: send <text> privately to <nick>
/n <nick>          Nick: change your chatid to <nick>
/o <nick>          Op: make <nick> an Op in this room (Op only)
/q <userid>        Query: query an account on the bbs
/r                 Rooms: list all active rooms, except secret rooms
/u <range>         Users: list all users logged into the bbs
/unignore <userid> Unignore: stop ignoring <userid>
/w <range>         Who: list all users in chat, excluding secret rooms
/whoin <room>      WhoIn: same as /w but only list one room
/whois <nick>      WhoIs: identify a nick or all nicks by chatid
/x                 Xtra Help: yet another help screen

Ctrl-A     Beginning of line
Ctrl-B     Backward one character
Ctrl-D     Delete character under cursor
Ctrl-E     End of line
Ctrl-F     Forward one character
Ctrl-H     Delete character before cursor
Ctrl-U     Clear entire line
Ctrl-W     Delete word under or prior to cursor
ESC B      Backward one word
ESC F      Forward one word

ROOM FLAGS used with /f command:
l          Locked: Only users invited with /i can enter
s          Secret: Room and users invisible to /u and /w

   ..treba se to bude hodit tem, co pomalu ctou :)


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