Posted By: ufi (Ufi) on 'Humor'
Title:     A Nun In Hell...
Date:      Sun Nov 14 12:14:34 1999

A Nun In Hell...
Sister Margaret died and through some error found herself in hell.  She 
immediately called Saint Peter and said,  "This is Sister Margaret. There's 
been a terrible mistake!"  She explained the situation, and Saint Peter said 
he'd get right on it. 

The next day the nun didn't hear from Saint Peter and called him back. "Saint 
Peter, this is Sister Margaret again. Please set this error straight before 
tomorrow," she begged. "There's an orgy planned for tonight, and everyone 
must attend!" 

"Of course, Sister," he said. "I'll get you out of there right away." 

Apparently, her plight slipped his mind, and the following morning he 
received another phone call from hell. He picked up the receiver and heard, 
"Hey, Pete, this is Maggie.  NEVER MIND!"




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