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Title:     You Think You Got It Bad!
Date:      Tue Nov 30 05:50:27 1999

Merry Christmas!
You think you got it bad!
All night long, soot in the chimneys, smelly socks, cross dogs,
shot at, mistaken for a stork, driving all night in the snow,
damn near got killed by a 747 
and Mrs Claus is pissed off cause I got in too late.
               And that isn't all.!!
 Donner & Blitzen & Rudolph got the shits over Albuquerque
and you should see my suit.
The damn elves won't clean the sleigh unless I pay them double time.
I am so sick of milk & cookies I could vomit.
The only highball I had all night was when I slipped getting out of my sleigh.
My prostrate is giving me hell,
pissed my pants at 20,000 feet and froze to the seat.
I'm allergic to pine needles and I itch all over.
I think my hemorroids are back.
       Ho! Ho! Ho!
     Merry Christmas, your ass.

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