Posted By: ufi (Ufi) on 'Humor'
Title:     Displeased Sultan
Date:      Mon Dec 20 19:34:38 1999

Displeased Sultan

A sultan is bored with all the jugglers and clowns, so he warns his servant, 
"Unless you find some good entertainment for me tonight, it's off with your 
head!" The man is terrified, but he vows he will not fail. 

Day turns to night, and it's time for the show. "Well what have you got for 
me?" the sultan booms. 

"Tonight, Sire," squeaks the servant, "we have a man who will make love to a 
dozen women before your very eyes." 

"Now you're talking," says the sultan. "Bring him on!!!" 

Twelve women walk from behind the curtain, and lay end to end on the carpeted 
floor. A young, muscular man appears and begins to have sex with the first 
woman. In moments, she screams with pleasure, and he moves on to the next. He 
proceeds from woman to woman, slowing down and visibly straining, until he 
collapses, helplessly, after only six. 

"YOU IDIOT!" screams the sultan to the horrified servant, "why I've done 
better myself! I warned you! Take him to the block and cut off his worthless 

"Wait, your majesty," begs the servant, "I don't know what went wrong, he was 
great in rehearsal this afternoon!!!" 



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