Posted By: medved (A~z na v~eky Mikov~ce.) on 'Humor'
Title:     At a bus station
Date:      Fri Mar 10 09:07:06 2000

One day, a large group of people were waiting for the bus at a local Greyhound 
station.  At the front of the line was a very attractive woman dressed in a 
black business vest, white blouse, leather miniskirt, and high heels.

As the bus pulled up and opened the door, she went to board it, but found 
that her skirt was too tight for her to raise her leg to the required 
height.  Looking around and thinking quickly, she reaches behind her and 
undoes the zipper on the back of her skirt a little and then tries again.

Again, she finds that she cannot manage the step, so once more she reaches 
behind her and unzips her skirt a little more.  With a smile, she looks at 
the bus driver and tries to board again. She finds that she still can't step 
that high and so with exasperation and a sigh she unzips her skirt the rest 
of the way down.  To her amazement, her leg still will not reach the bottom 

Finally, a very large Texan behind her gently grabs her by the waist, lifts 
her up, and places her on the bus.

The woman turns to the Texan furious and says, "Who do you think you are to 
touch my body in that way?  I don't even know you!"

The Texan looks at her and replies, "Well, ma'am, after you unzipped my fly I 
thought we were pretty good friends."



Si vis pacem, para bellum.

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