Posted By: uz_zas (zivot je vlnova funkce) on 'Humor'
Title:     Sorry about this one
Date:      Mon Mar 26 17:17:57 2001

A passenger airplane heading from London to New York comes into trouble.
"Ladies and gentlemen," announces the captain, "because of engine problems, we 
have to discharge half of the baggage to be able to reach Halifax, which is 
the nearest airport. We apologize, and promise full refund of the baggage 
However, it turns out that the airplane is still too heavy, so after a while, 
a similar message is spoken and all baggage discharged to the sea.
After another ten minutes or so, the captain speaks again:
"Ladies and gentlemen, we can only reach dry land if not more than half of 
the passengers stay aboard. So as not to be unjust, we chose alphabetically, 
which passengers are to be discharged : Arabian, Black, Chinese."


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